Are you an artist, graphic designer, photographer or Social Media Influencer? Launch your own merchandise with your content for free and start earning.


Nerdccreed enable thousands of artist, graphic designer, photographer and social media influencers across worldwide to start making money online by launching their own merchandise with their content for free. You need not to worry much about sales. We provide various features to ramp up your sales you just need to do what you love to do. 

Features That You will Get On Nerdcreed To Increase Your SALE 

1. Multichannel Listing 

All the product that you will upload on Nerdcreed will be automatically listed on several other e commerce platforms like amazon, ebay and others which will helps your product to reach million of customers across the globe for free.

2. External Store Service 

If you already have any social media page like on facebook or instagram. Then you can also use facebook or instagram shop features and list your product using nerdcreed. 

3. Back end support

Representation of product is one of the most important for selling your product online in which people lack many time and results low sale. But on Nerdcreed you need not to worry much about we provide our creators a lot of back end support so that they do not need to much worry about it 


Here with Nerdcreed creators can earn a royalty of 5% to 99% on basic price of merchandise.        

For Example- If you chooses a basic unisex t shirt with your content. Basic Price of Basic Unisex T shirt is Rs 250. So here you can earn from Rs 12.5 to Rs 248 from each sale. Suppose here  if you want to earn 25% royalty i.e. Rs 62.5 on each sale. You just need to do at the time of submitting the design set the price Rs 312.(Basic Price + Royalty).